Although tattoos are permanent, this does not mean that you cannot remove one. Older tattoos can sometimes be removed with ease. Newer ones, though, can be a little challenging. That does not imply that they cannot be taken out. Simply put, it will require more time and effort. Let’s go over the basics of tattoo design so you can see why this is the case.

Getting inked

Your skin is injected with ink by the tattoo artist. The body needs around two months to fully recover. Your immune system begins to identify the ink as a foreign substance at this time. The white blood cells begin to try and get rid of it when they gather bits of the ink particles. Through elimination, they accompany them out of your body.
However, the majority of ink particles are too big to be transported by white blood cells, so they stay and make your tattoo permanent.

Tattoo Removal

The ink particles absorb the light energy when a tattoo is removed with laser technology. It breaks them up into tiny fragments so that the white blood cells can pick them up and remove them. The breakdown of ink particles increases with the number of laser therapy sessions. Your body gradually rids itself of the tattoo.

What Takes Place As We Age?

Your body rejects your tattoo as it ages and breaks down the ink particles. Even if the ink has been worn down over time, your body is still far from completely erasing the tattoo. It can weaken the tattoo and leave it open to laser removal. Sunlight also ages tattoos. Over several years, the ink disintegrates. Older tattoos are simpler to erase than fresh ones because of this.

fresh tattoos

You can get a new tattoo removed if you don’t like it. You should allow it some time to recuperate, though.

Why New Tattoos Refuse to Change

Before having laser tattoo removal, new tattoos must heal. The procedure can result in minor wounds and is minimally invasive. If the treatment is performed before the new tattoo has fully healed, it could leave scars or even worse. Remember to follow your aftercare recommendations as it recovers. How effectively the tattoo heals will determine if removal is successful. The removal procedure is made simple and quick by it.

Because the body does not recognise the foreign ink particles, getting rid of a new tattoo takes time. Another reason to wait until the tattoo heals is that the immune system is still attempting to close the wound that tattooing creates. After the wound has healed, the white blood cells will begin to function, identify the foreign objects, and begin removing them.

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